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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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lights and stay away from the windows. campus police say they're searching floor by floor in every building for a potential suspect. the initial call came from a person who didn't identify themselves but they reported that there was an armed intruder on campus. however, no one else has reported seeing a possible gunman. campus police tell us there have been no reports of shots fired. >> our robert handa is on the scene now. robert is joining us live on the telephone. what can you tell us? >> reporter: as frank said as we reported earlier, the san jose police are basically assisting the san jose city college campus police. they are conducting a campus widowed. police say officers are going from building to building looking for this reported shooter. the initial call came from one person who did not identify themselves.
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important thing that policement to say is they have not had any reports of shots fired. they have not had any reports of any victims reported. we've been talking to faculty members. they say that basically they are only going by the initial information they were given by campus police that there is a search going on for a possible gunman. they say the scene is hectic but everyone is staying pretty calm. at this point it's been going on for a little while. they say they haven't had anything really new to report except for just waiting to see what happens. one thing that one of the faculty members pointed out to me was that just a couple of months ago they had an active shooter training session involving local police and law enforcement and the campus police. in terms of faculty and people knowing what to do in case of this kind of an emergency.
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so they say actually they're pretty prepared. they didn't know they'd have to do it in real life. they had training exercises for this kind of potential incident. so people pretty much know what to do. right now all they're doing is waiting to see if they can get more information. >> and robert, you arrived on the scene after this lockdown went into effect around 4:30. how close are you actually to campus? how far away are they keeping you back at this point? >> reporter: actually we've been sort of on the move because i've been talking on the phone with these faculty members and with san jose police. so we've been sort of on the move trying to get an idea of what the scene is around the campus. so i've seen the cordoned off areas, but we haven't tried to venture inside. didn't seem to be much point to go up to the blockades. we've been going around and trying to talk to students and people on the fringe who are basically trying to find out information just like us. >> given what just happened in
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newtown, connecticut, police here are taking this very seriously. i'm assuming this campus could be locked down for some time because it's going to take some time to go through all the buildings, don't you think? >> reporter: yes, i think one of the keys for them will be trying to find the initial person who made the call. find out just how much validity there is in this. it's no coincidence this comes on the heels of newtown. so there's always the possibility, there's always the possibility that this is a hoax. but they're going to take every call and every report seriously until they know otherwise. >> do you know approximately how many officers are on the scene right now? we can see about a half dozen officers are or walking the campus right now. have you been given any numbers as to how many law enforcement officers are active on the scene? >> reporter: i asked the police
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about that. what they said was everybody they could spare. so in essence anybody that isn't doing anything that's not an emergency situation is over at san jose city college right now. >> you're seeing live pictures from news chopper 2, breaking news that san jose city college where police are going room by room, building by building following reports of an armed intruder on campus. as robert has been reporting. we've been monitoring this, this there have been no reports of any shots fired. no reports of any sightings of a gunman on campus. only a call that came in and a report of a gunman on campus. that's why they have to be careful doing everything they can. >> pretty dramatic pictures as you watch the officers go in that door. they have their guns raised as they go in. you can see looking through the window there, they are taking this very, very seriously. we've been talking to some of the students as well. we had a phoner during the 5:00
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newscast where one of the students there was barricaded in his room with the lights off. we've gotten information from another student that she is in a room with about 50 other people. again, with the lights off. and it's a pretty tense situation. especially given what just happened a couple of days ago in newtown, connecticut. >> those students did convey they were remaining calm. they were not panicking. they were just staying away from the doors and windows with the lights off and waiting to get word that the all clear is given. it looks like it's going to be some time on san jose city college that this is going to take before they give it the all clear. >> we just heard from the dean it have math and science on the phone here. he was telling us that they are also barricaded in their room. again, this entire campus on lockdown. it's been on lockdown since about 4:30 this afternoon. one person called, didn't identify themselves, said they'd seen an armed intruder
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on campus. since then there have been no other reports of an armed intruder. nevertheless, police taking this very seriously. they have swarmed the campus and are going through each and every room now checking to make sure there is no gunman on campus. >> one of the students told us given the time of year so close to the holidays that the campus is not a full campus. there are significantly less people on than would be on a normal time of year. right now, again, live pictures from news chopper 2. you can see officers making their way around the campus. we'll watch this, monitor the situation. if we get any new developments we let you know. we want to move on to other news. a freeze warning is in effect tonight for parts of the bay area. all across the region today people spent the day preparing for one of the coldest nights of the year. we have live team coverage.
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we begin right now with bill martin who is tracking which areas are the coldest. >> in the north bay there was a freeze warning. it is going ton cold up there. let's take a look at the location. north bay, 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. we're looking for temperatures below freezing for more than a couple of hours. that's the north bay. if you have tender plants, pets that are outside, be concerned. it is going to be get cold. the rest of the bay area is looking at a frost advisory. that goes into effect at 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. those areas, basically the entire bay area except san francisco under a freeze warning or frost advisory. 43 in napa. we're going to look at the forecast, overnightless for your neighborhood. >> now to cara where the freeze warning is in effect tonight.
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>> reporter: here at san rafael fire station, firefighters are on standby. they have access to high powered water vacuums in case anybody's pipes burst overnight they can help with flood control. at north bay animal hospital owners are being reminded to keep pets warm. >> just like humans, elderly president pets and puppies are at higher risk. >> reporter: vet tech recommends bringing animals indoors. if that's not impossible. >> i like heated pet beds. i have clients that keep their animals in the garage. those work well to keep them warm. especially older pets that can be really hard on their joints. >> reporter: sunny side nursery was busy with folks trying to protect their garden. >> got a large orange tree with a lot of fruit on it right now
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and a lemon tree. and has fruit on it as well. the freezes are not good. i'm here to get some tarps or some kind of frost protection. >> reporter: workers have moved citrus and thousands of other plants under overhangs. >> the citrus could be damaged. having any sort of coverage overhead prevents the due from freezing in the air and settologien top of the leaves. >> reporter: farmers say they don't think the weather will be severe enough to damage their citrus. they plan to monitor overnight and irrigate tomorrow morning if necessary. some farmers are looking guard to the cold spell. the folks from a winey sent these pictures this afternoon. saying the cold weather is good this time of year. it's good for the vines. it actually helps make sure the vines go through a period of dormancy which is good for next year's growth. >> it has been four days since
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the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. tonight we're seeing more examples of community support right here in the bay area. happening now, a candle light vigil getting underway. >> reporter: this came together over the last 48 hours. organizers say their school needed an outlet to grieve for another. it was planned in pleasantton. it's open to the community. the may you is expected to attend as well. organizers say they were affected deeply by the connecticut tragedy and wanted a way to channel their grief. so they planned this candle light ceremony. there will be singing and speeches by some of the children. they'll also be collecting donations. >> i feel sorry for the people who died and so we are making
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up for it by providing something special for them. >> reporter: you can see there's already a bit of a crowd showing up here at the park. the vigil is supposed to go until 9 p.m. tonight. >> you can go to for a list of vigils being held. you'll find a link on our home page. >> in san jose city council members today paid respects to the connecticut shooting victims. >> our hearts are saddened by the tragedy. >> flags are flying at half staff in san jose and communities across the bay area in honor of the victims.
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>> back now to breaking news live pictures from news chopper 2 of san jose city college which has been on lockdown since about 4:30 this afternoon. that's almost two hours. this all comes after there were reports of an armed intruder on campus. i should be clear here. one report of an armed intruder on campus. since then there have been no other reports. do we have the chancellor on the phone right now? chancellor, are you there? >> yes, i'm here. can you tell me what's happening right now? >> well, it is still unfolding. it began with us tracking a text message about an individual with a handgun on campus. at this point our campus police responded immediately. text messages were issued to students which is our fastest
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way of communicating with our student body. we also as you know send out an emergency voiceover message to the various classrooms and offices in the field for a lockdown. after the campus police began to identify and isolate an area which is primary the technology and science area at the point the rest of the campus was evacuated. so everyone is gone except for those two buildings. sjpd responded immediately as well and have set up a station in front of the science and technology building. a a room by room search is now underway. >> do you know about how many people, students, teachers, are in that tech and science area right now as these officers go room to room? do we know about how many people are in this lockdown? >> i can't comment on that. i don't have good figures and i
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wouldn't want to provide you with misinformation. >> is there specific information on why you think that the person may be in the tech and science area? i wasn't quite clear. did you search the other areas of campus? >> my understanding is that the text message about the individual with a gun that was sent indicated it was at the tech center. and all other areas have been cleared. >> was there any other information in that text message? >> i don't have the text message in front of me, so i don't know exactly what it said except for what the president has reported to me which is a notification there was a man with a handgun at the tech center. >> and if you can, stay with us just for a moment. we want to go to another student on the phone. we want to show you video first
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of some police officers just a short time ago, if we can roll that video going door to door, room to room. you can see this video taken just a few minutes ago. fully armed there with their guns drawn coming out of the doorway there, walking out of the hallway. as you see these officers taking every precaution to make sure the tech and science center building is secure. right now joining us on the phone is a student named lotus. you were under lockdown but have been released? >> yes, i was under lockdown. >> can you tell us your experience? >> i was studying for finals and the teachers came in and police officers came in and told us to get down and away from the windows. they secured us all and i guess there was a guy with a gun on campus. i just heard about it 20 minutes ago. he told me the gunman is being surrounded by police.
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>> they told you that there is an actual gunman and he is surrounded by police? >> about 20 minutes outside the science building. he told me not to walk over towards vaskem and fruit dale. that area is where he first started. >> we just want to confirm, we want to make sure there has been no confirmation of a gunman on campus. only reports. howeverhow far awe way were you? >> i'd say about a thousand feet. >> have you been off campus? >> i was in a different building. >> now you're away from campus just calling in? >> yes, i am. >> thanks for calling and giving us information. really quickly, just reaction. i know this is a very tense situation obviously in the wake of what happened last week in connecticut. the people who you are with, how are you all taking this?
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>> everybody else seemed, mostly upset. nobody is extremely sad or cried. we have a lot of finals to take care of. everybody else seems pretty calm. >> okay. thank you very much for calling us tonight. >> do we still have the chancellor on the phone by chance? okay. unfortunately we've lost the chancellor. the report we just heard from lotus there was that someone had told him there was a person who had been surrounded by police near the tech and science building. we want to stress here that we have not confirmed that. we did hear from the chancellor earlier saying it appears this search is now centered around the tech and science building because that's what the text message said there that there was a give upman in that area. >> we did talk with the
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chancellor. she did confirm there has been no confirmation of a gunman. just that report of the text message coming in. obviously in the wake of what happened last week in newtown, no chances are being taken here tonight at san jose city college. it's going to be some time as you see here in these live pictures, a lot of police cars, sam cam pus police, san jose police on the scene going through this tech and science building to try to make sure it is secure. >> as we get more information we'll bring it to you following the situation here at san jose city college. partially on lockdown now. some of the buildings have been given the all clear. those students veteran evacuated. the focus now on the tech and science building. we're working to get more information. as we do we'll pass it along to you. where she new information including the suspects names and a possible motive in the shooting deaths of two teenage girls recently in oakland. police say 18-year-old dianty
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powell was charged with two counts of murder with special circumstances. and 19-year-old antonio edwards is being charged with being an accessory. police say 15-year-old raquel gerstel and 16-year-old bobbie sartain were skiting in a parked car. they say an argument began with both of the girls being shot over and over on the street. police say more than 30 shots were fire. a 16-year-old boy was also in the car but that boy has not been charged. livermore police are looking into the death of a woman. officers were called to the parking lot this morning about 6:30. they found a woman inside an rv who was pronounced dead. police say there was no sign of trauma. the coroner will work now to try and determine the cause of death. belmont police want your help identifying a man suspected of robbing a u.s.
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bank around noon today. police say he didn't show a weapon. a silver sedan was seen speeding southbound, but police are not sure if that vehicle is connected. >> the city of san jose took a step toward convert ago former land fill into a sports complex. san jose bought that land in 1973 and operated it as a land fill until it closed in 1978. today the city entered into a preliminary agreement to see if the property can be used for ball fields and retail. funding would come from a special tax for parks projects. >> after weeks of controversy the fate after mr. posed dog park is expected to be decided tonight. the debate behind the park.
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>> reporter: for 12 years dog owners have been pushing for a dog park area. before it the council once again. the sign says it all. no dogs allowed. in fact, if you have a four legged furry friend the law states dogs are not allows off leash anywhere near the lake. tonight that could all change. oakland city council members decide if an area will be put up in this area for dogs to play. >> i've been waiting for the dog park for quite a while. i wasn't sure why it hasn't happened yet. >> reporter: right now the area is used by adults running and playing soccer. if dogs are to get this space, those things will be off limit. >> he loves dogs, i wouldn't be able to feel safe enough to let him go and run on this lawn here. >> seems like there's a two for
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one kind of aspect. pool who are dogs and kids could both come. >> reporter: the debate has people taking sides. some people say having dogs in this area could cause a danger. >> i think it would be unfortunate. i love coming here and seeing the pick up soccer games. it is a great space for humans to be able to play. but humans have an opportunity to go to all different fields and different places. >> reporter: now a deal is expected to be made tonight. however, little more than an hour ago i spoke with the mayor who hopes no action is taken, that way she can work on a compromise between both sides. >> we want to take you back now to that breaking scene in san jose. live pictures from news chopper 2 of san jose city college where the campus remains in lockdown tonight because of a report, a text message of an armed intruder. the students we have spoken with say they're being told to
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stay in their rooms, turn off the lights and stay away from the windows. campus police say they are searching floor by floor in every building. right now they're focusing on the tech and science building. the initial call came in from a person who didn't identify himself but the chancellor told us it came in via text message about an armed intruder on campus. we want to confirm or relay to you there's been no confirmation, no sightings of an actual gunman or any shots fire. police are taking no chances. campus police and san jose police going room by room, floor by floor in this tech and science building right now on san jose city college. this is the campus located on morepark avenue. robert handa is monitoring the situation and joins us now on the telephone. what have you found out? >> reporter: we are at the corner near that technology
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center. it has become kind of the focus of some of the police activity. we were going around the campus and we were watching some of the students actually leaving campus. they said they were in a building that had been searched and were cleared and told to leave the campus. the san jose police say some reports indicate there may have been someone or more than one person who spotted the possible gunman in the technology area. they also mention add library. they're not sure if that was connected or not. that's one reason why the focus shifted to this area. what officers tell me it's more of a partial lockdown. there are parts of the campus where they are letting students leave. some of the buildings that have been searched. they have told students there they can leave.
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they recommended they leave the campus. we're near the technology building. we've seen more police cars arriving even as we speak. i think that some of the resources are being shift from the one part of the campus to this end. on the month possibility that someone may have seen a gunman or the person that was believed to be a gunman in the area around the technology building. so we're staying in this area trying to see if we can get more information. it's more of a partial lockdown now. many of the students are actually leaving the school. >> the students you talked to, were they taking this seriously or did they think it's just another phone message? or were they really worried that there may be a gunman on campus? >> reporter: we actually got a mixed range of opinion. a couple of people actually thought that this was sort of a newtown hoax. something that is happening. just about everybody we talked
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to said they were taking it seriously because you never know if there's somebody that is copy catting or somebody who got a bad idea from something that happened like that. they said they're taking it seriously and they were not panicking, it did not feel as though they were in any immediate danger. they said they were certainly not treating it as a joke. >> this is a pretty big school. 9000 students attend the school. given the time of year, a lot of the students are getting ready for finals. one student we talked with said in his estimate it was 50 to 60% full. right now the focus seems to be on the tech and science building right now as the officers have it surrounded and are taking their time with their guns drawn, as we showed you. it's going to take some time it
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appears to go through each and every room to make sure that this building is secure before they can let those students who are on lockdown tonight come down. but just to reiterate here, this campus has been in lockdown since about 4:30 this afternoon. following a report of a text message coming in that there was a gunman on san jose city college campus. so as you can imagine, because of what happened last week in connecticut, no one wants to take any chances with something happening again here. so they're trying to make sure that this campus is secure. >> we should read also there was a statement from san jose police that came out at 6:15. it says as of 6:00 p.m. today there have been no reports of anyone injured or threatened. in addition, no gunman has been located and no one has reported any gunfire. san jose police and san jose city police are actively searching buildings and
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conducting investigations into the incident. all of the information provided to our 911 call center has been third hand information and we have not made contact with anyone who has confirmed seeing an actual gunman. again, that's a statement from san jose police that came out at about 6:15. >> we have been following this since it began breaking here. it started just a little after 4:30. we started cutting in with reports showing you the patrol cars, showing you the scenes of the campus. showing you the officers arriving on the scene. you can see pictures of them in the hallways making their way room by room, checking for any sign. everyone being very, very careful and taking this situation seriously. >> initially it was a campuswide lockdown. the text message according to the trance already, the text message indicated that the
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suspected gunman was in or near the tech and science building. as a result they have now cleared other buildings around the campus and allowed those students to evacuate. the entire focus now is on that tech and science building where you see the officers surrounding that building and going door to door, room to room, floor to floor, searching for a possible gunman. all of this stems from one text message. since then there have been no other reports of anyone seeing anything unusual on campus. again, as julie mentioned, everyone is taking this very seriously. the suits have been told, stay in your room, lock the door and turn off the lights and wait until someone comes and gives you the all clear. >> we were talking with the chancellor on the telephone. she did say specifically that text message referred to a person armed with


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